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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Go Over One's Head?? Click here to go to the site.

  • He knew I wouldn't give him time off, so he went over my head and asked my boss.
  • I wouldn't go over her head if I were you. It'll make her angry, and next time you ask her for something she might say no.
Sabe o que significa TO GO OVER YOUR HEAD? This site has the meaning, examples and a quiz to fix the meaning. Check all the rest it has. Wonderful site!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is it that attracts students?

"What attracts students to the study of a foreign language is not its appearance as an abstruse code saying the very same things that are said more simply in their mother tongue, but, rather, the opening up of a new world by the foreign language." - Jackie-Ann Ross, New Zealand's Educational TV

Do you like Veggies?

Tem condições de pedir qualquer verdura ou legume em inglês na feira? 

Dê uma olhadinha no site sugerido no título desta postagem e veja se consegue descrever a salada ao lado.
What about you? Can you order any veggie in Portuguese at a restaurant?

Check the link on the title and describe the salad on your left.